10 Best Tourist Attractions In Hokkaido

Hokkaido can be your choice for your vacation in Japan. There are you can find many beautiful tourist attraction. Hokkaido is a popular destination among tourists in the world, the ideal place to experience a traditional Japanese. From the start of its peaceful lifestyle through beautiful scenery, Hokkaido is full of charm that never fails to captivate. A hidden paradise, in the northern part Japan, only one and a half hour flight from Tokyo.

1. Kushiro Shitsugen National Park

Kushiro-shitsugen National ParkThe park is located in Kushiro-Shi. As the name implies, this park is a Shitsugen park (paya). The view can be enjoyed simply by visiting tenboudai (observatory) in Kushiro. Unfortunately, this place can only be reached by private vehicle or rental vehicle for public transport leading to the park are not available, therefore, it is recommended that travel to this park in the company of people who know details about Kushiro.

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