10 Popular Tourist Attractions In Switzerland

Switzerland has a lot of amazing tourist attractions that you must see. Talking about the Switzerland tourism, meaning about five things: Snow Tourism, the fresh pure water, chocolate, shopping, and mountains. The hallmark of Switzerland tourism is its wintery, it is evident from the many attractions such as mountains or lakes. With snow, Switzerland is the most ideal place for skiing.

Lake Geneva or Lake Lucerne is arguably the best-selling attractions in Switzerland. However, the Alps, and Plateaus of Switzerland is arguably the belle of the Swiss tourism. Switzerland may not be a shopping paradise like France, but the country is famous for the production of watches. Best watches in the world is said to be produced in Switzerland. In addition, there is also a typical Switzerland products such as chocolate, cheese, wine, traditional handicrafts, or a Swiss Army knife.

And here are the 10 popular tourist attraction in Switzerland:

1. Zurich

Zürich cityAs the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is rich in history, aged 200 years. This city is filled with trendy cafes, International boutiques and it is a favorite destination of tourists. Zurich is the center of trade in Switzerland and is a very important city in Geneva.

Zurich is the city of all seasons, means that the city is fun to visit anytime. When the air temperature warms in the spring, the cafes on the edge of the road will begin to hold a seat outside. Inviting guests enjoy the fresh spring air. In summer, the small alleys Zurich will be met local and foreign travelers. Lake would be a giant bath, with surrounding sundeck. Open-air concerts, street parades, fairs and sporting events at the center of the city.

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