Do You Interested To Get US$ 50k Or €40k Only By Tweet About Tourism in Hangzhou?

There is an exciting job offer for those who like traveling or can speak mandarin, you just assigned to tweet the beauty of Hangzhou city and will be paid US$ 50k Or €40k! Hangzhou Tourism Board is looking for ‘Marco Polo in the Modern Era’ to explore tourist places in the country, and tell it on Twitter. Quoted from CNN, person in charge of promoting tourism of Hangzhou City will be given the title as Dr Hangzhou.

dr hangzhou

Besides twittering in Twitter, Dr Hangzhou also has duties as Ambassador of Tourism Hangzhou. Dr Hangzhou will also star in a promotional video tour. Are you interested? It’s a little complicated, applicants must have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest account. In addition, you also have to show the spirit of the Chinese style, include the name of China, Hangzhou clothes with their own style, Hangzhou recipes, and Hangzhou love story.

The most important, you must be fluent in Mandarin and showed great affection towards Hangzhou. One more thing, you must also include a picture of yourself wearing the shirt that read I Love Hangzhou.

This opportunity applicable to everyone, not just for those of Chinese descent only. According to Xinhua news agency, applicants who have registered today many are foreigners or outside China. Then, how the assessment? All the data you enter will be assessed based on the number of like on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Dr. Hangzhou election announcement will be announced next year. Dr Hangzhou will doing free Hangzhou culture tour around 15 days. In fact it is not impossible Dr Hangzhou will stay there a full year while promoting Hangzhou City via Facebook and Twitter. Are you interested?


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