Magnificent Georgia Aquarium As The World’s Largest Aquarium

Although many tourist attractions in Georgia, Atlanta, but not complete if you do not visit the Georgia Aquarium. The reason is, because the Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium with 120 000 animals, representing 500 species, in 8.5 million U.S. gallons (32.000 m3) of marine and fresh water.¬†Georgia Aquarium is made by a businessman named Bernard Marcus, he donated money of U.S. $ 250 million to build the Georgia Aquarium, while the remaining land and construction costs were donated by the company. The total cost of construction of the aquarium to reach U.S. $ 290 million.

Georgia Aquarium

One of the most interesting of this is the Ocean Voyager aquarium, part of a dominating three-quarters of the habitat aquarium sharks and whales. Through long acrylic tunnel 100 feet, visitors can see the behavior of the fish. Aquariums also provide some small areas to give the experience of interaction with marine animals.

This giant complex managed hundreds of staff to feed and clean their tank and operates dozens of computers to check the temperature and flow pumps, which are essential for animal health.

The Ocean Voyager exhibit tunnel

Uniquely, the aquarium is from 8.5 million gallons of fresh water mixed with 680 tons of salt to make it the water salty. To keep food animals, aquarium has frezeer which can cool more than 9 tons of food and a refrigerator that can hold 2.7 tons of food.

Aquariums are also equipped with a veterinary specialty hospital covering 5800 square feet with 15 people on staff, 26 tanks and treatment equipment including operating rooms, endoscopy units with radiography, ultrasound and x-ray scan.

Georgia Aquarium gallery

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