Get Ready With Shanghai Disneyland That Will Open In 2015

Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is the first Disney theme parks established. Officially opened on July 17, 1955, Disneyland became one of the most visited in the world. Now, Disneyland will operate in Shanghai in 2015. Continued development tourism in China, makes Disneyland interested to operate their new Disneyland in Shanghai. Starting the construction phase, permission had already bagged by the Disney since 2009. The construction was started in April 2011.

Disneyland CastleShanghai Disneyland will be dominated by Chinese nuances. Shanghai Disney Resort will feature Shanghai Disneyland, two hotels, an area of ​​46,000 square meters of retail, dining and entertainment, recreational facilities, as well as the lake.

One of the main attraction in the Shanghai Disneyland is Cinderella Castle. The palace will be the largest and highest court of the palace that is in Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland will be a royal garden in the style of magic. Disneyland will blend classic Disney stories and other typical Disney character with the rest of the attractions designed especially for the Chinese people.

If you interested to visit the Shanghai Disneyland, you have to wait. Its construction had just begun makes Shanghai Disneyland is expected to only be enjoyed by visitors in 2015.

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