Titanic II Ready to Sail in 2016, Interested?

Titanic cruise ship that sank in 1912, so legendary till make many people want to feel the luxury ship. Do not be sad, Titanic II is created and ready to invite travelers sailing in 2016. Clive Palmer, a billionaire from Australia, will plan to make a replica of the Titanic II. Unlike the original ship, Titanic II will be made more modern, with more advanced technology. The plan, this yacht will start its maiden voyage in 2016.

In a press conference in New York on Tuesday (26/2), Palmer said the construction of the vessel with 835 cabins will begin in the next year. China was chosen as the construction site.

Palmer also said that Titanic was the ship of dreams. Titanic II will be the ship that makes dreams come true, there were 40,000 people signed up for the inaugural cruise ticket Titanic II, as written by The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday (02/27/2013). Among the passengers, there are 16 people who are willing to pay between $ 750 thousand to 1 million.


On its maiden voyage, Titanic II will trace the path that had passed its predecessor, the Titanic in 1912. The path starts from Southampton to New York. Unfortunately, at the inaugural voyage of Titanic, cruise ship bumped into an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, killing more than 1,300 passengers and crew.

“One of the advantages of global warming is not a lot of the iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean,” added Palmer.

Not only by the same route with the first Titanic, passengers will also be prepared clothing like in 1912. Not only that, to be more similar to the first Titanic, passengers also will not provide telephone, television or the internet.

What distinguishes Titanic II with Titanic I is, Titanic II will has Turkish bath, meeting facilities, casinos, theaters, and hospitals. Titanic II is also equipped with air conditioning, deck safety with more lifeboat.

Just like the first Titanic, Titanic II also has some classes for passengers, the first class, second and third. Passengers in each class will not be merged. Palmer himself, claims will be in Grade 3, wearing a wig and clothing in 1912.

Palmer said the Titanic II would be the safest cruises in the world. When asked if the ship is going down, Palmer replied “Too proud to say that. I think the people who have said no in the past, have regretted it.”

But, many doubts about the Titanic II arises because the manufacture by a company in China, CSC Jinling. This doubt arises because CSC Jinling has no experience in international luxury ship building.

Palmer dismissed many doubts, saying, “It is even so the motivation to show the world what can be done.”

So, are you interested to join in?

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