Top 10 Tourist Attractions In South Korea

South Korea has many beautiful tourist attractions that you should visit.  As well as the unique culture and attractive, the other fact is that the number of tourist spots that have historical value such as Dolmen Site Gochang, Hwasun and Ganghwa. Dolmen is a grave and worship in the megalithic era, the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Hundreds of ancient tombs in this place. In addition to other attractions such as Jeju Island which is the largest island in Korea. Myeongdong known as the berthing of the tourists who come to South Korea. There are shopping places that sell goods ranging from local to international brands.

Meanwhile, the other South Korean tourist attractions such as the museum was no less attractive. For example: National Folk Museum, Food and Culture Institute, National Ginseng Center, Museum Tteok and kitchen appliances, the National Museum of Korea, Seoul Museum of History, Museum Kimchi and others. This Tourist spots is the Korean form of attention to traditional values ​​even though they have been turned into a developed country in the world.

Here are 10 most popular tourist attractions in South Korea you must visit:

1. Jeju Island

Halla Mountain in JejuJeju Island became a favorite place for honeymooners. Jeju Island is located south of the South Korea peninsula, as well as the largest island in South Korea. The beauty of Jeju Island was remarkable. There are many beautiful beaches, cool mountain area and expanse of the beautiful flowers. One of the specialties of the Jeju Island is a very beautiful view of the cliffs. There is also a national park, waterfalls, caves and beautiful Hallasan volcano on the island.

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