Most Amazing Tourist Attractions In Jordan

Jordan is a kingdom on the West Bank of the Jordan River. The country is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the east and south-east, Iraq to the northeast, Syria to the north and the West Bank and Israel to the west, sharing control of the Dead Sea. There are some amazing tourist attractions in Jordan because in ancient times, the area that is now called Jordan is the heart of ancient civilizations are benefited by their geographical region of the Fertile Crescent including the Babylonian and the Canaanites. Later, Jordan became a home for several ancient kingdoms include: the kingdom of Edom, Moab, Ammon, and prominent royal Nabath: Petra.

1. Petra

Petra is an archaeological site in Ma’an, Jordan. This place is famous for its architectural buildings carved on the rocks as well as irrigation systems. Probably built in the beginning of the year 312 BC as the capital of Nabath, who is now a symbol of Jordan, and also a favorite visiting spot for tourists. The place is located in located in the lowlands between the mountains that make up Mount Hor east wing of Wadi Araba, the large valley originated from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.Petra

2. The Dead Sea

Dead Sea is a salty lake (not the sea, because it is on the mainland), the term marine life due to its area is 76 km in length and has a width of 16 km, but this lake has been narrowing and reduction of water flow due to excessive evaporation and lack of water supply from the River Jordan. The sea is located on the border of Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. Salt content in the ocean is so big it makes us able to float on it without having to swim. Dead Sea water also contains potassium, magnesium, and bromium, maybe that’s why the Dead Sea mud is considered to be very nutritious.

Floating at Dead Sea, Jordan

3. Seven Sleepers

Seven SleepersSeven Sleepers Located in Jordan in the village of Al-Rajib within 1.5 km from the city near the town of Abu A’landa Amman-Jordan. Last July showed that King Abdullah to 2 (King of Jordan) has been inaugurated to establish in advance the cave and ma’had Ashhabul Kahf mosque, named “Masjid Ahlul Kahf Cave” and Ma’had Da’wah and Dai ‘.

According to The Quran (Moslem’s Holy Book) this cave is where the 7 youths and a dog are guided and have faith in God was sound asleep for 309 years. They escape from the cruelty of the king Dikyanus. Seven Sleepers that commonly called the “Seven Sleepers of Ephesus”, refers to a group of Christian youths who hid inside a cave outside the city of Ephesus around 250 AD, to escape a persecution of Christians being conducted during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius.

4. Roman Theater

Jordan Roman TheaterMade during the Roman Empire Theater Marcus Aurelius (made ‚Äč‚Äčaround 169-177 AD). Large theater and is able to accommodate a steep 6000 spectators. Created on the slopes, the building is oriented to the north to protect spectators from the sun.
This theater is divided into three horizontal areas (diazomata). Entrance area (paradoi) located on the ground floor. there is headed to the orchestra and the other for the stage. Room behind the entrance of the house is now a museum Traditional popular in Jordan on one side, and there is also a People’s Museum Jordan. Highest part of the seats in the theater (and still is) called “The God”. Although far from the stage, even the sightlines are very good, and the actors could be clearly heard, because of the steepness of the cave.

5. Temples of Hercules

Temples of HerculesTemples of Hercules is located in the Citadel, Amman was built between the years 162-166 AD This temple is much larger than other Roman temples. The building faces east and can be seen from the northeast corner. This temple supported by pillars as high as 33 feet. Seen from this temple, it is clear that this temple is not yet completed.

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