Beautiful Tourist Attractions In Papua, Indonesia

Papua is a province of Indonesia, located on the widest central part of the island of Papua or the eastern part of West New Guinea (Irian Jaya). Eastern parts of the country is Papua New Guinea or East New Guinea. Papua province used to cover the entire area of ​​western Papua, so it is often referred to as West Papua.  If you heard Indonesia tourism because Bali, now you should considered to visit Papua that has a lot of magnificent tourist attractions.

In addition to its unique tradition, Papua also has many interesting tourist places that may be hard to find in other parts of Indonesia, such as Raja Ampat, Mount Jaya Wijaya, and Lorentz National Park. Raja Ampat is the site diving / diving is fantastic, Jaya Wijaya is the only mountain in Indonesia which have snowy peaks, while the Lorentz National Park is home to a variety of unique flora and fauna species are also hard to find elsewhere.

1. Raja Ampat

Raja AmpatRaja Ampat is a paradise of coral reefs, so the islands are also known as “holy place” divers around the world. Di Raja Ampat, estimated there are more from 1,070 species of fish. Fish that have high value fish such as tuna, mackerel, groupers, napoleon, red snapper, sea cucumbers, shrimp and lobster.

A study from 2001 to 2002, reported that there are more than 540 types of coral reefs solid (75% from the entire number in the world), more from 1,000 types of coral, fish, coral, 700 species of sea snail, and a species of stomatopod crustaceans gonodactyloid in this place. That means that 75% of coral species in the world is located in Raja Ampat.

2. Lorentz National Park & Eternal Snow On Jayawijaya

Lorentz National ParkLorentz National Park is a national park with an area of 25,000 km ², Lorentz is the largest national park in South East Asia. In addition to having a very high biodiversity, there are also some specific and unique presence in the Puncak Jaya glaciers and rivers that disappeared several kilometers into the ground in the Valley Balliem.

In addition to the diversity of flora, fauna found in the park are also very diverse. Species such as babirusa, wallabies, wild cat, possum, and tree kangaroos occupy the forest region. In addition to these mammals, there are also about 630 species of birds (70% from bird species in Papua), such as the cassowary, Megapodes, Beo, Dara, Bird Shrimp, Honey Bird and the rarest, bird of paradise is also an icon from Papua.

Puncak Jayawijaya

Puncak Jayawijaya

Puncak Jaya Wijaya is in the Lorentz National Park. The mountain is covered with eternal snow, which is one from three eternal snow found in the tropics. Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m above sea level) is one of the top Jaya Wijaya who earn the title as the highest peak in South East Asia and the Pacific region. Carstensz Pyramid is not only famous for its height, but also because of the thickness of the snow layer.

3. Lake Sentani

Sentani Lake offers beautiful views of the lake that exists between the Cyclops Mountains, approximately 70-90 m above sea level. This lake is the largest lake in Papua. The extent of 9,360 hectares with a depth of 24.5 m. Water in the lake is derived from 14 rivers with a waterfall named Jaifuri Puay.

In the western part, Doyo Lama and Boroway, the depth of the lake is very steep, whereas in the west and center of the lake, and Simporo Puay, shallow water. In Simporo Yoka also has forest and swamp. There are 24 villages scattered on the lake shore and a small island in the middle of the lake. To explore it, you can use the rented boat around the lake. Pristine natural scenery can be seen here, for example, a heron or eagle trying to catch fish in the lake’s surface.

4. Baliem valley Festivals

Baliem Valley Festival was originally a war event between the Dani, Lani and Yali tribe as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. A festival which is the scene of a power struggle between tribes and has been going on for generations, but certainly safe for you to enjoy. Baliem Valley festival lasts for three days and held every month in August to coincide with the celebration of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Initially it was first held in 1989. What is special about this festival that begins with a trigger war scenario.

5. Bakar Batu Party

Bakar Batu Party or in English burn stone party has the meaning of tradition thankful unique and distinctive. and is a traditional ritual performed as a form of Papua thanksgiving for the abundant blessings, weddings, grand welcoming guests, as well as funerals. In addition, the ceremony was also conducted as a proof of peace after the inter-tribal warfare. As the name implies, in cooking and preparing food for the party, the tribes in Papua fuel using stone. Each region and tribe in Baliem Valley area has its own term to refer to the Bakar Batu.  Paniai society or call it Gapii or Mogo gapii, meanwhile Wamena society called it kit oba Isago, while Biak society calling with barapen. But it seems barapen be the most common term used.

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