Because GPS, One Family Lost At Travel to Italy

GPS is used to locate the destination traveler. But unfortunately, it does not happen to one family while vacationing in Italy. Just imagine, they even become lost and stuck in the middle of the forest. Global Positioning System used traveler when traveling. GPS became help to determine the direction of travel. Unfortunately, both the British family is actually lost when using GPS.

As reported by News Australia on Tuesday (16/04/2013), Michael and Tania Sullivan was on vacation with their ​​10 children. At that time, they were on their way to the inn in Villa Minozzo, Appenines, Italy. Michael said, They just walked over 10 miles to the winding streets. At last they came to a river and that’s when he felt something was wrong.

Villa Minozzo

As written in the Daily Mail, the GPS shows the direction that makes the mini bus they were traveling towards the muddy dirt track and came to a swift wing river, and they were stuck!

Michael then use the phone to call the local police. Unfortunately, Michael and family are in isolated areas. At that time, their children  are starting hungry and cold.

Michael tried to remove the car from the muddy streets. But, the tires sinking further and they remain trapped. Then, they met two locals and ask for help. At the end, the police came after they waited for more than 3 hours.

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