Beware of Pickpockets at Louvre Museum

A few days ago, the most popular museum in the world, the Louvre was closed for a while. The reason, this museum staff retreat in order to protest for not able to face the many pickpockets around the Louvre. Hundreds of museum staff who had become the set of The Da Vinci Code is refusing to work because of the increasing number of pickpockets who target tourists around the museum. Most are children pickpockets Romanian immigrants who entered the museum and then ask for money to tourists.

Typically, the thief will invite tourists to speak English before they infest and take the money and goods. Pickpocket is common problem around the city of Paris, but the Louvre became the main target. This museum has enlisted the help of the police late last year, but this is not to go over.

Musee Du Louvre

As quoted from Dailymail, a Louvre staff said the pickpocket children’s well-organized, and they could not arrest them because they were under age. Unions have visited the Louvre museum Ministry of Culture to ask follow up the case.

The Musée du Louvre or the Louvre Museum or simply The Louvre is one of the world’s largest museums, and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, France, it is located on the Right Bank of the Seine in the 1st arrondissement (district). Nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century are exhibited over an area of 60,600 square metres (652,300 square feet). With more than 8 million visitors each year, the Louvre is the world’s most visited museum.

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