Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Brussels Most Visited

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the de facto capital city of the European Union (EU) is a favorite tourist destination in Western Europe because flanked by large countries such as the Netherlands, France, and Germany. In Brussels you can find many interesting tourist attractions you must visit. The uniqueness of this city is having two official languages​​. French is the language most widely spoken in the city, then followed by the Dutch.

Brussels, capital of Belgium, is a paradise for lovers of architecture. Ancient buildings, museums, and monuments that scattered in almost all corners of the city.  Moreover, when looking for Belgian chocolate the most delicious in the world, Brussels is the place.

Here are most visited tourist attractions in Brussels you must see:

1. Grand place or Grote Markt

Brussels Grand PlaceImg src: wikipedia

Grand Place is the central square of Brussels City. Town square surrounded by historic old buildings, is commonly used as a venue for many events. Some of the show such as flower festivals, ice skating, and many other events here. Many foreign and local tourists often enjoy meals in restaurants around the Grand Place, or just relax in the courtyard of the Grand Place. Guests can also buy a variety of unique creativity or souvenirs around the Grand Place. This area also is a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

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