Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Bali

Bali is famous as a beautiful tourist destination. Many amazing attractions that you can enjoy in Bali. Natural scenery and cultural diversity on the island is very interesting. Besides beaches, Bali also has many tourist attractions like temples, mountains, caves and much more.

Here are top tourist attractions in Bali you must visit:

1. Uluwatu

View from Pura Luhur UluWatuUluwatu became favorite tourist attractions in Bali because tourists can find tranquility, natural beauty, and variety shows. For lovers of surfing, visit Uluwatu can be right choice while on vacation. The beaches in this area is famous for challenging the waves. the world are familiar with this area as a location that has a beach with perfect waves.

2. Kuta beach

Sunset at Kuta BeachKuta is the best and most famous tourist area in Bali. Yes, do not be surprised if today Kuta still has the allure for backpackers or travelers from all over the world. Kuta is now turned into a very crowded area. Bars, clubs, souvenir shops, shopping centers, and vehicles filled the streets in Kuta. As if she never slept, Kuta, become metropolitan city of Bali.

Regardless of the changes, Kuta also has the best beaches while enjoying the sunset. Kuta beach was become meeting place for tourists in Bali. Has a length of about 5 kilometers, Tourists who come to Kuta Beach usually do a lot of activities, such as surfing, sunbathing, or just chatting.

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