10 Wonderful Tourist Attractions In Cuba You Must Visit

Cuba is fascinating destination for vacation, many interesting tourist attractions which you can find there. Cuba is a small paradise in Latin America. Heaven for tourists with a variety of beauty culture, architecture, and of coastline. As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba blessed with diverse natural potential, stunning coastline, nature reserves and up to the dynamic city. Cuba is also famous for cigars, rum, salsa dance, and classic cars.

Travel to Cuba offers the charm for a peek into the rich history and heritage and the opportunity to get closer with the friendly locals. Warm tropical climate throughout the year, allowing you to choose how to spend your time there, dig deep into the town or just lounging around on the beach.

Here are wonderful tourist attractions in Cuba you must visit:

1. Havana

Old Havana at nightHavana, which is the heart and soul of this beautiful country. Havana is one of the best places in the island to enjoy the Cuban experience. The city embodies the wild spirit of summer fiesta time, the beauty of ancient architectural achievements and the feeling of never ending compelling euphoria. Undoubtedly one of the places worth being visited is Plaza Vieja (Old Square). At first this delectable site was called New Square or in other words Plaza Nueva. The basic idea behind the project for this building was to be government and military center. Visiting that magic place everyone can enjoy the deeply impressive Cuban architecture from both 17th and 18th century and learn more about the interesting history of this town square.

2. Varadero

Varadero beachVaradero is a beach, which is very beautiful and very famous in Cuba, which has white sand beaches along the 12 miles, golf courses, and a world-class luxury hotels, such as Occidental, Melia, Sandals, and Barcelo. In addition to its beautiful beaches, visitors can fishing, diving, and snorkeling. It is actually one of the most significant resort areas in the Caribbean. The visitors are attracted not only by the purity of the nature but also by the spectacular attractions such as caves and a chain of easily accessed virgin cays. Varadero is however appealing not only for its natural attractions, there are also plenty of historical and environmental attractions.

3. Trinidad de Cuba

Plaza MayorIt is a place which was found in 1954, and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Trinidad de Cuba is a jewel for this country, where traders of sugar, and slaves build luxury homes around the Plaza Mayor, and the home of the 19th century is now converted into a gallery and museum. And one of them is archeology and Palacio Burnet, which fulfilled carved wooden furniture. While Trinidad itself is located on the south coast of Cuba.

4. Cienfuegos

CienfuegosCienfuegos and is one of the main seaports of Cuba. The sugar, coffee and tobacco trade were really developed in the city, which was of great contribution to its economic development. It is really a remarkable place with no analogue in the Caribbean with its spectacular cluster of neoclassical structures. In Cienfuegos visitors can enjoy having a walk in some of the parks, a dinner in a cozy restaurant or a cup of coffee in the coffee bars.

5. Santa Clara

Che Guevara monument, Santa Clara, CubaSanta Clara is a city where the revolutionary Che Guevara as leading the fight to bring down the Batista regime in 1958. Although the city has a charming colonial aura, visitors will be attracted to the museum and memorial revolusionel located in the hills near the city, Monumento del Che. The museum also equipped with collection of Che Guevara, university degree, posing with Fidel Castro, and a number of weapons to be used in making revolution. The park Monumento del Che has been supplied with a bronze statue of Che Guevara, which style was holding a gun as a symbol of the revolution.

6. Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, Santiago de Cuba

Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, Santiago de CubaCastillo de San Pedro de la Roca, which is a fortress built in the 1500s, and the museum is exhibiting a collection of relics of war between Spain and America. It was created by Giovanni Battista Antonelli on the initiative of the governor of the city and was used as defense against pirates. It is located in a very beautiful area with wonderful view of the city and the Caribbean Sea.

7. Baracoa

Baracoa, CubaIt is the perfect place to visit if you just want to have a rest or a peaceful stroll on the sunny streets of the city. The lovely beaches contribute to the feeling of complete harmony and make the city even more exciting and unforgettable. Baracoa is famous for its cocoa trees, which grow in abundance. Baracoa is home of the native and unique dishes. The popular dishes in this town are Cucurucho and Bacan which are both cooked with native ingredients.

8. Holguin

Holguin, CubaHolguin is a Cuban municipal and city founded by a Spanish military officer named Captain Garcia de Holguin. Holguin is located on the southeastern side of Cuba and boasts plenty of colonial architecture, galleries, museums and churches that you can visit. One of the most popular landmarks in the city is a large crucifix known as the Loma de la Cruz. This crucifix is installed on top of a hill. A bird’s eye view of the entire city can viewed at the top of the 450-stair high crucifix. Another popular landmark is the San Jose church.

9. Vinales

Vinales valley, CubaVinales is a beautiful small town in Cuba. The people of Vinales mainly rely on agriculture and fishing to earn a living. The Vinales Valley is major tourist attractions in the town of Vinales. Tourists who go here are mainly adventure seekers. The valley is the perfect spot to go hiking, rock climbing, and bicycling. The valley’s mogotes are truly breathtaking.

10. Cayo Largo

Cayo LargoCayo Largo is an exotic island. Cayo Largo is famous for its coral reefs. Marine life is the major tourist attraction in this area. Cayo Largo is surrounded by shallow water on one side and deep water on the other. Most resorts are located at the mouth of the shallow beaches. Tourists may opt to relax under the sun or enjoy taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of Cayo Largo. Or they may ride a boat and appreciate the natural beauty of the island.

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