Dublin “City of Thousand Welcomes” Tourism Promotion Program

Dublin has a unique way to attract tourists. They call themselves the “City of Thousand Welcomes”. The method is also varied, such as a newly arrived foreign tourists in Dublin allowed to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea for free with local residents.


In the city tourism site revealed that the program is carried out to give a positive impression for the tourists who come for the first time in Dublin. Furthermore, it is expected in the next few years this event will impact both on the world tourism city. Travelers are expected to receive Dublin as a tourist destination with a good service, as reported by Huffingtonpost, Monday (06/17/2013).

This is not the first time a tourism promotion program involving local residents. Previously, New York made ​​a similar program with the slogan “Just Ask in Local People”. Unfortunately, this program was less successful. Iceland has ever implement a similar program that invites travelers to be inspired by the beauty of Iceland, England.

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