Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Bruges Must See

As the most beautiful city in Belgium, Bruges save a lot of fascinating tourist attractions. Bruges is a medieval town in Europe which is still well maintained, even listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This city has many small rivers with typical European-designed bridge and well known as The Venice of the North. The attractions of Bruges include a wide range of museums, churches, historical buildings and canals and streets that can be explored by boat, foot or horse. Bruges also hosts many special events yearly. Visiting Brugge will definitely be a worthwhile experience for anyone.

Here are top tourist attractions in Bruges:

1. The Belfry of Bruges

Belfry of BrugesThe Belfry of Bruges (known as Belfort,) is a mediaeval bell tower built then destroyed and rebuilt twice between the 13th and 15th centuries. Positioned in the historical center of Bruges, this clock and its famous 47-bell carillon is one of the most iconic of Bruges. Belfort, built in 1240 has a luxurious spaces, formerly Belfort is often used as a meeting place of the city magistrate. Has 366 steps, which directly brings to peak as high as 83 meters. From there unfolds a beautiful panorama and rural atmosphere of Flemish (another term for Belgium).

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