Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Shanghai Must See

Shanghai is fun place for your vacation. There are various tourist attractions in Shanghai, from historical architecture to ultra-modern skyscrapers, traditional markets to top luxury brand boutiques. Shanghai is China’s largest city and is located on the banks of the Changjiang delta. The city development in recent decades has made it a center of Chinese economy, trade, finance and communications. Shanghai is also one of the busiest ports in the world, along with Singapore and Rotterdam.

Here are top tourist attractions in Shanghai:

1. Yu Yuan Garden

Yu Yuan GardenYu Yuan Garden is the best and most luxurious park in China, located at 132 Anren Street, Old Town. The Yu Yuan Garden is a serene garden, which covers nearly 5 acres of land and water. Moreover, here are situated numerous ancient halls, chambers, pagodas and pavilions, which are scenically harmonized with the surrounding garden. The design of the garden perfectly imitates the splendor of nature, featuring rocky scenery with rivers, bridges, trees and other plantations. Some Suzhou-style design is very clearly visible in the park area. Starting from the area Grand Rockery, heralding Spring Hall (Dianchun), Inner Garden, Jade Magnificence Hall (Yuhua), Lotus Pool up to Ten Thousand-Flower Tower (Wanhua). In addition, the Yuyuan garden can also be accessed from the Shanghai Metro stations which located near the park. Yu Yuan Garden is a relaxing and a very irresistible place to visit in the Old Town of Shanghai.

2. The Bund

The BundThe Bund is one of the famous tourist destinations in Shanghai that offers panoramic beauty of tall buildings, a dock and some surrounding areas. Bund name is taken from the Hindi word which means dikes, dams or even dock. consists of numerous buildings, picturesque streets and coastal walkways, the Bund is a place where history meets future, because on the one side of the river are situated numerous historic buildings with normal height, while the other shore of the river is dotted by the super-tall skyscrapers of modern Shanghai. Overall, the Bund offers a very tempting sensation, especially during the night, when the colours of the night life are melting in their reflections of the surface of the river.

3. Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha TempleBuddhist temple in Shanghai was created as a place of worship for the Buddhists who embrace the ideology of Mahayana Buddhism. Jade Temple was founded in 1882 and was made with the construction of modern buildings. Among the Grand Hall and the other chambers you can come across a plenty of Buddhist statues, from large marble Buddha statues to smaller sculptures. However, they are all impressive and beautiful, especially the numerous details, carvings and gold ornaments. In addition, a scenic restaurant is situated on the second floor, where you can enjoy numerous delicacies. The Jade Buddha Temple is a interesting place, where you can explore Buddhist culture and fine dishes at once.

4. Nanjing Road

Shanghai Nanjing RoadNanjing Road or Nanjing Lu is the main shopping area in Shanghai which also one of the busiest streets in the world. The area is divided into two paths, namely Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. Usually the tourists and other guests celebrated the major holidays, such as Chinese New Year, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Easter in the area of ​​Nanjing Road. Even in front of the street is also often fitted fireworks, as a festive celebration of residents.

5. Shanghai Xin Tian Di

Shanghai Xin Tian DiFor visitors which want to shop and enjoy a variety of entertainment in the city of Shanghai, came to Xin Tian Di. Various traditional creations (various foods, cafes, bookstores, and other entertainment) to modern (car show) exhibited there. Xin Tian Di is one of the most important entertainment district that was built in China by Shui On Land from the buildings of ancient Chinese houses (shikumen).

6. The Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TowerThis broadcasting tower is a very popular attraction, because the view from the highest deck at 1148 ft. is just amazing. The Oriental Pearl Tower is surrounded by numerous skyscrapers. The Oriental Pearl Tower is a communication tower, which also has a symbolic interpretation. Through its numerous spheres, which symbolize pearls, the exterior of the tower is remarkable. The antenna spire rises at 1,535 ft. and is supported by three huge columns. Moreover, there are two bigger spheres along the body of the tower, where are situated numerous observation decks, restaurants and other facilities.

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial CenterThe Shanghai World Financial Center is a super tall skyscraper. It is a mixed use skyscraper, which will consist of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and shopping malls on the lower floors. The skyscraper of the Shanghai World Financial Center dominates the skyline of Shanghai through its height of 1,621 ft. as well as through its impressive architecture.

8. Shanghai Museum

Shanghai MuseumThis is another popular tourist attraction in Shanghai, Home of numerous art exhibitions and collections. Among the museum are situated eleven galleries with Chinese ceramics, bronze sculptures, paintings and many other ancient art objects. The design of the exterior of the museum is another major attraction. Simple and clean walls with a huge, curved roof provide a very impressive sight to witness. There are also many plantations at the main entrance, which create a cozy and charming atmosphere.

9. Jin Mao Tower

Jin Mao TowerJin Mao Tower is a very impressive tourist attractions must see . The incredible architectural design of the skyscraper. The exterior contains a complex network of glass, metal details, granite and other materials, to create a very delightful and inspiring feeling for the eyes. There are also many pagoda-like sections and layers, whose number rises with height. Meanwhile, the Jin Mao Tower is 1,380 ft. tall and is fulfilled with offices, as well as the famous Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel.

10. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Ocean AquariumThe Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is Asia’s largest aquarium and is one of the largest aquariums in the world, that opened in 2002. This massive aquarium is located in Pudong, right next to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is home to a special 120-meter tunnel that runs through various different marine habitat exhibitions including a coral reef and kelp cave.

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