Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Tokyo Must Visit

There are plenty of interesting tourist attractions in Tokyo. Everything from shopping to dining, palaces, museums, world-class gardens and parks, shrines and temples you can find in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Tokyo is really awesome. Culture and manners of ancient blends with the modern atmosphere. There is a temple and a lantern from an old Japanese era, mixed with skyscrapers and magnificent shopping mall. Although the city looks very crowded but on the other hand we can feel calm.

Here are tourist attractions in Tokyo:

1. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial PalaceTokyo Imperial Palace is the home of the Japanese Emperor and his family. The palace consists of various royal buildings, and a large expanse of gardens and parkland. There’s a music hall, a traditional Japanese tea house, and a Privy Council building to name a few. Built in 1868, the Imperial Palace is a symbol of Japan’s monarchy was destroyed by air attack during World War II, but now stands firmly right in the middle of Tokyo. For the people of Japan, the imperial family will continue to be a role model who is highly respected and upheld. Meanwhile, the Imperial Palace is considered as a sacred place because it has a long history in the land of rising sun.

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