10 Famous Tourist Attractions In Chile You Must See

Chile worth a visit. There are plenty of wonderful tourist attractions to explore in Chile. Chile has a great diversity of natural landscapes, from the Mars-like landscapes of the hyperarid Atacama Desert to the glacier-fed fjords of the Chilean Patagonia, passing by the winelands backdropped by the Andes of the Central Valley and the old-growth forests of the Lakes District. Easter Island and Juan Fernández Archipelago, including Robinson Crusoe Island, are also major attractions.

Here are top tourist attractions in Chile you must see:

1. Easter Island

Moai statuesThe island is popularly known for its monumental structures. Generations after generations of people lived here and left their distinctive mark on this Island. Easter Island is also known for its beautiful stone statues call “moai” which are made of volcanic rock. There are nearly 1,000 stone statues within Easter Island and the purpose of the statues is a mystery. The biggest moai is said to be 10 meters tall and weight around 75 tons. The island also has many popular resorts, beaches and coastlines that spread over 4,000 kilometers. Easter Island is located 2,180 miles (3510 km) west of Santiago, Chile.

2. Torres del Paine National Park

French valley Torres del Paine National ParkFor nature lovers, this National Park will definitely suit your preference. The park contain numerous wonderful lakes, glaciers, rivers and beautiful mounts; also you may see herds of guanaco grazing. You will wonder how this kind of colourful and various landscapes are even possible as passing by the emerald lakes and the white glaciers. One of Torres del Paine most popular sites is Cordillera del Paine which is famous for its dentate summits. It attracts many hikers, searching for adrenaline, with its highest peak of nearly 2,800 metres. Torres del Paine National Park is situated in the Patagonian Andes spreading over 2,400 square kilometres.

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