Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Beijing Must Visit

Beijing save a lot of interesting tourist attractions to visit. Beijing is a city rich in historic buildings, which until now these buildings are still standing majestic and became an icon of Beijing. Formerly known as ‘Peking’ in English, Beijing has been described as one of the world’s greatest cities. For Historic lovers, Beijing is a must see.

For lessons in Chinese history, your first stop should be the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is a huge palace complex that has housed the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Right across the Forbidden City is the Tiananmen Square. The Tiananmen Square is near the heart of the city, and also has the distinction of the being the largest open-urban square in the world. If you want to get an even better glimpse of the Chinese royalty, a visit to the Summer Palace should be on your list. Located on the western section of the city, the Summer Palace has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Here are top tourist attractions in Beijing:

1. The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is a huge palace complex that has housed the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the complex, you can the visit the Palace museum which has an astounding collection of the Chinese imperial art. The palace has an area of ​​up to 70 acres, with indoor space reached 9900. The rooms as much as it has the function of each. Around palace there is a park and the river flowing. Views of in this palace is amazing, with a cool atmosphere. The city is situated at the center of Beijing.

2. Temple of Heaven

Temple of HeavenCurrently, the temple is one of the most popular places for exercise because of its huge park. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 and was described as a masterpiece in architecture and design in one of the prominent civilizations of the world. Temple of Heaven is situated in the southern Beijing City. It has been one of the most sacred sites for the whole country for the past five centuries. It worked as sacrificial compound buildings for the Ming and Qing emperors. It boasts of the largest sacrificial place in Beijing among a few imperial altars to Heaven, Earth, the Sun, the Moon super natures.

3. The Great Wall

Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall is the ultimate tourist destination for sightseeing. People from all over the world visit China to see this exotic architecture because it is one of the most appealing attractions of China. This wall was made as a fortress from the enemy attack. In Beijing there are mainly eight sections of the Great Wall crossing the northern part of Beijing for 600 kms. The eight sections are Badaling, Juyongguan, Huanghuacheng, Jiankou, Mutianyu, Gubeikou, Jinshanling, and Simatai. Great Wall Badaling Great Wall is the most visited by tourists because of the terrain is is not too heavy as at Mutianyu or Simatai, Jinshanling especially.

4. Summer Palace

Summer PalaceThe grand Summer Palace was built in 1750 to provide China’s ruling dynasty a summer vacation home where they can relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. This palace is one of the grandest buildings in the city of Beijing. The palace has also been recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site that should be protected. The Summer Palace is located northwest of central Beijing, in the Haidian District. It’s just 15 kilometers from central Beijing and can be reached by car. The palace’s area is comprised of Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake. With a Chinese name of Yihe Yuan or Garden of Restful Peace, Summer Palace houses various garden elements that generate peace in the hearts and minds of people who visit it. Typical Chinese garden elements like bridges, pavilions, plants, flowers, trees, water, stones, and animals can be found to unite in harmony on the palace grounds.

5. Ming Tomb

Ming TombKnown as the “13 Tombs”, this is the burial site of 13 out of 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. There are just two tombs which have been excavated and open to the public: Dingling and Changling. Located at the foot of Mount Yanshan, Changping District, Beijing City, covers approximately 120 sq. km. Tomb complex which was built between 1409 and 1644 with the tomb complex area of ​​40 square kilometers, is the largest imperial tomb building groups in the world and most of the emperor and empress were buried. Ming Tomb is a tourist place with beautiful scenery.

6. Beihai Park

Beihai ParkThe park was built in the Yuan Dynasty, with an area up to 70 hectares. Inside are a very beautiful landscape, with lakes that surround the park, and islands in the middle of the lake. In the middle of the island built a pagoda by the Emperor to honor his ancestors. At certain seasons, the scenery in this area also looks beautiful, with the fog that enveloped the buildings around the park and lake. This place is one place that you must visit historic when you are traveling in Beijing.

7. Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen SquareTian An Men is called “Door Country” is the venue for important ceremonies in the days of dynasties Ming and Qing. Tian An Men is the essence of ancient Chinese buildings, and building the best artworks that manifest intelligence of Chinese people. October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China in the Tian An Men Gate, thus has been opened a new chapter in Chinese history. Tiananmen Square spans across the sprawling 44,000 square meters. The captivating national flag of China is hoisted here which is a sight to behold with the historical monument in the background. No wonder the place has become one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire country giving glimpse in the history, politics and other aspects of China. Located on the north end of the Square is Tiananmen Tower, in the center is the impressive granite Monument to the People’s Heroes.

8. Lama Temple

Lama TempleLama Temple, also known as the “Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple”, the “Yonghe Lamasery”, is a temple and monastery of the Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism located in the northeastern part of Beijing, China. It is one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world. The building and the artworks of the temple is a combination of Han Chinese and Tibetan styles. Building work on the Yonghe Temple started in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty. It originally served as an official residence for court eunuchs. It was then converted into the court of the Prince Yong (Yin Zhen), a son of the Kangxi Emperor and himself the future Yongzheng Emperor. After Yongzheng’s ascension to the throne in 1722, half of the building was converted into a lamasery, a monastery for monks of Tibetan Buddhism. The other half remained an imperial palace.

9. National Stadium (Bird Nest)

Beijing National StadiumNational Stadium in the city of Beijing, is a unique building that goes into the 10 most unique buildings in the world. Form the pillars thar supporting the stadium, similar to a bird’s nest, that’s the reason the stadium is named  “Bird Nest”. The stadium is also one of the icons of Beijing that known worldwide, at the 2008 Olympics held in this stadium. The stadium is also the grandest stadium in China.

10. Jingshan Park

Jingshan ParkJingshan Park is a relic of the Jin Dynasty, with an area of ​​approximately 58 hectares. The uniqueness of this park are the five prayers pavilion located at the top of the hills that surround the park. Pavilions were built as a place of worship, as well as the resting place of the Emperor. Around the garden was also planted fruits. The fruit was once dedicated to the emperor and empress in the kingdom. In addition, the atmosphere in the park was also very cool, especially in May.

Best time to visit Beijing is the months of May, September, and October.

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