Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Portugal Must Visit

Portugal can be your option for your vacation. Portugal save plenty of fascinating tourist attractions. Portugal offers outstanding landscape diversity, due to its North-South disposition along the western shore of the Iberian peninsula. Classified as a Mediterranean climate, Portugal has some of the warmest weather in Europe. During the summer months, the temperatures are the warmest, averaging around 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters are typically windy, rainy, and cold with temperatures averaging around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow falls in the mountain regions of Portugal but tends to melt rather quickly. Beautiful weather makes people want to go outdoors and in Portugal there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and experience. Portugal is abound with beautiful beaches.

Here are top tourist attractions in Portugal:

1. Lisbon

Lisbon Jeronimos MonasteryLisbon is the capital of Portugal, this city will charm you with its mixture of old and new. Belem is the old center of the town, and there are several famous buildings that you should visit in the area: the Discovery Monument, Torre de Belem, Jeronimos Monastery. Lisbon, a city rich in history as well as a modern city. Lisbon is located on the north bank of the River Tagus, churches, and ancient castles throughout the city is still well maintaned. Surrounded by seven hills, Lisbon store narrow cobbled streets and winding road filled with cafes with Art Nouvea style. Like another the old city in Europe, Lisbon also has a museum that holds many ancient and modern works of art.

2. The Azores islands

Azores Islands Volcanic crater lakeFor magnificent landscapes with endless panoramic views, virgin nature, and unadulterated fauna, the Azores is the place. Among the many things you can do here are whale watching, swimming with the dolphins, mountain climbing, fishing, scuba diving, golfing, boating, and many more. This is truly a natural paradise. Azores is the most special tourist attractions in Portugal, because most of the tourists love to visit it.

3. Algarve Coast

Algarven coastAlgarve is one of the most famous tourist attracctions in Portugal. It is well known for its coastline that stretches over 100 miles, with strips of golden, fine sands. Anyone who loves the beach, warm weather, and the sight of massive rock formations in the midst of dramatic cliff faces will enjoy it. The scenery of Algarve is beautiful. This region is not only famous for its calm and warm sea; it is also visited for their fishing villages and fish markets. Visitors love the wonderful experience walking through their narrow streets and enjoying the sight of whitewashed houses with their famous Moorish-inspired chimneys. They also love savoring their fresh seafood menus served in every local restaurant and bar around the area. The locals here are very friendly and are always willing to help visitors to get to know more about their culture.

4. Sintra

Castle of the Moors, SintraSintra is a town in the Estoril Coast region of Portugal. Because of its 19th-century Romantic architecture and landscapes, it has become a major tourist centre, visited by many tourist. Sintra is not only beautiful, it also boasts of archeological remains from the Roman period. There are ancient manor houses, old-fashioned villages, and also artistic churches. Another thing that this town is famous for is their wine production of proven standard. It is also known for traditional confectionery and cooking. This municipality was declared as World Heritage Site for the cultural landscape which includes: Pena National Palace, Sintra National Palace, Quinta de Regaleira, Monserrate Palace, Castle of the Moors, and Seteais Palace.

5. Madeira

Vila Baleira beach, Porto Santo, MadeiraThe archipelago of Madeira is 310 miles from the coast of Africa and 620 miles from the European continent. In plain language, it’s an hour and a half flight from Lisbon. There are so many things you can enjoy in Madeira Islands. You can visit the Casa das Mudas Art Centre, The Sao Vicente Caves and Volcanism Centre, the Quinta Monte Palace, the Quinta do Arco Rose Garden, and a whole lot more. You can also just enjoy your usual favorite activities like walking, golfing, shopping, and going to the spa. Madeira the perfect place for nautical sports too like swimming, surfing, sailing, canoeing, and water skiing.

6. Evora Historic Town

EvoraBeing one of the country’s finest towns, with a number of well-preserved monuments, Evora Historic Town is truly worth a visit. It boasts a two thousand year history and a number of popular tourist destinations such as, Temple of Diana, Praca do Giraldo (the town’s main square), Evora Museum, Saint Francis Church, Palace of Vasco da Gama. There are a lot more spots to see and photograph in Evora historic town.

7. Porto

 Foz neighbourhood, PortoPorto is a city in northern Portugal. Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites for rich cultural and historical significance. The city generally exudes a charming and romantic vibe, especially for visiting couples. Activities which are recommended to tourists include the tram ride en route to Foz where one can see the river Douro meeting with the Atlantic Ocean. Boat trips in the river Douro are refreshing especially after you have seen the views the city. Various cruises can be arranged where the views of Maria Pia Bridge, a work of Gustav Eiffel and other historic bridges can be seen. The stacking buildings in narrow roads are best appreciated while sight seeing aboard cruise ships. With Mediterranean type climate, the city is generally cool.

8. Faro

Ria FormosaFaro is a city capital of the Algarve region in southern Portugal. The Ria Formosa lagoon is one of the must visits for tourists who would like to observe migratory birds stopping by the area. The lagoon is a 170 kilometer nature reserve accessible 7 kilometers from the city. Other key spots where visitors can take a photo of themselves and explore the city include the Statue of Alfonso III, the City Hall, the quaint and charming streets of Faro famous for its tiled style, the central Faro square, the old church and hospital and the Faro’s city government building. Other attractions such as the Roman walls surrounding the city as well as the archaeological museum are places to visit when one would like to know the rich history that contributed to the development of Faro.

9. Serra da Estrela

Serra da EstrelaSerra da Estrela is the highest mountain range in Portugal. Bizarrely shaped crags and gorges, mountain streams and lakes, beautiful forests and magnificent views, the area ranks among Portugal’s outstanding scenic attractions. The mountain range is now part of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and offers plentiful skiing opportunities in the ski resort of Loriga, Seia Municipality.

10. Obidos

Obidos CastleObidos is one of Europe’s most romantic medieval town with its remarkable picturesque cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses filled with geraniums and bougainvillea, Gothic doorways and windows, whitewashed churches, flowerpots and dazzling tiles. All Encircled by a ring of medieval walls and crowned by a rebuilt Moorish castle, it is now a Pousada. The castle and walls of Obidos were remodelled during the reign of King Dinis I. The limestone and marble structure was strengthened and elaborated, while the keep was created in the 14th century, by King Fernando. By the time of the first remodelling project, the settlement had also grown beyond the gates of the castle.

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