Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Slovakia Must Visit

Slovakia save many fascinating tourist attractions. Slovakia offers natural beauty, history and great place for relaxation. For history lovers, Slovakia has the highest number of castles in the world, ranging from simple ruins to well-preserved castles with furnishings. There are also numerous gothic and baroque cities and towns across Slovakia. You can go skiing, climb the alpine mountains in the eastern part of Slovakia, and enjoy the view of the countryside at the top of the castle. visitor can also enjoy musical theater performances, traditional folk music performances, and classical music concerts in various cities and towns in Slovakia.

Here are top tourist attractions in Slovakia:

1. Bojnice Castle and Spis Castle

Bojnice CastleBojnice Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Slovakia. It is a Romantic castle with some original Gothic and Renaissance elements built in the 12th century. Bojnice Castle is surrounded by the castle park featuring numerous species of trees. The park also contains the Bojnice Zoo, the oldest and one of the most visited zoos in Slovakia. Bojnice Castle receive hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and also being a popular filming stage for fantasy and fairy-tale movies.

At a height 200 meters above the sleepy hill village of Zehra, Spis castle ruins stand. With an area of ​​approximately 4 hectares, this castle is most amazing castle in Slovakia as well as being the largest fortified castle in Central Europe. Spis Castle originated from a tower built in 1113 that was later expanded to protect wealth Spis region. In the reign of the kingdom of Hungary, the castle was the center of political, economic, cultural, and administrative. Spis castle was opened to the public only in May and October each year. In addition to viewing the collection the museum, tourists can also enjoy the view of the High Tatras in the castle. Castle has been listed as a world heritage site in 1993 by UNESCO

2. High Tatras

High TatrasHigh Tatras mountains are the most popular because it has the highest peak in Slovakia. Being right on the border of Poland and Slovakia, High Tatras has an area of ​​750 km2. The beauty is complemented by a number of lakes, valleys, waterfalls, and caves in the surrounding areas. Very attractive for nature lovers.

There are at least 26 peaks in the High Tatras which reaches more than 2,500 meters above sea level. Almost a year full of snow, the mountains is a favorite of fans of skiing and mountain climbing, as well as the tourists who simply want to relax in the countryside. Around the High Tatras there are several villages which provide cottage to stay, sports facilities, and a spa for tourists. Every year there are two festivals held in the High Tatras, the Goral Folk Festival, and Zamagura Folk Festival featuring dancers, singers, and musicians in traditional costumes as well as local culinary Goral.

3. Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica squareBanská Štiavnica is a town in central Slovakia. Banská Štiavnica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to It’s historical value. In the High and Late Middle Ages, the town was the main producer of silver and gold in the Kingdom of Hungary. The town was also a foremost center of innovation in mining industry. In 1782, Banská Štiavnica was the third biggest town in the Kingdom of Hungary, But the town’s development was too closely linked to the mining activity which had been progressively declining since the second half of the 19th century. The heart of the town is the historical Trinity Square dominated by a monumental plague column. The square is used for frequent cultural events and there is also a mineralogical museum.

4. Vlkolínec

VlkolínecLocated in the centre of Slovakia, Vlkolínec is a lovely intact settlement with the traditional features of a central European village. The village consists of more than 45 log houses each of them made up of two or three rooms. A wooden belfry from the 18th century as well as the baroque chapel has also been preserved. Vlkolínec has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993, and is one of ten Slovak villages that have been given the status of a folk architecture reservations.

5. Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise National ParkSlovak Paradise National Park is a beautiful place. The park offers about 300 km of hiking trails and several bike trails, often equipped with ladders, chains and bridges. Rivers and streams have formed many gorges, canyons, valleys, caves, and waterfalls in the Slovak Paradise. The most visited places in the park are the Dobšinská Ice Cave, It is an ice cave, since 2000 it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Slovakia has a temperate climate with sunny hot summers and cold, cloudy, humid and snowy winters. The climate is continental, with four seasons, and while the overall climate is mild, there is a considerable temperature difference between summer and winter months. March through October is a popular time for outdoor activities, while November through May is popular for winter sports and thermal spas.

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