Things To Do In Seattle : 20+ Must See Most Famous Seattle Attractions

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and the state of Washington in the northern United States and southern Canada. Seattle is the center of economy, culture and education in the region, as well as the main gateway of trade with Asia and cruises to Alaska, through the 8th largest port in the United States. There are so many interesting things to do in Seattle, especially for you who are interested with technology. Besides, there are also the other fascinating Seattle attractions that we must visit.

Seattle known as the ‘Queen City’ or the queen city of the future in the Pacific, ‘Emerald City’ as an epithet lush forest reference yew, ‘Jet City’ with aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the ‘tech City’ because Seattle is the headquarters base of large technology companies such as Microsoft,, RealNetworks, aT & T and T-Mobile. Besides Seattle is also famous as the hometown of rock legend Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and the band Pearl Jam, also is the first location in Seattle’s best coffee establishment that is Starbucks.

According to USnews travel, best time t0 visit Seattle is fr0m September t0 N0vember. Summer marks the city’s high seas0n, meaning r00m rates rise and availability dr0ps; h0wever, winter weather can deter even the m0st avid sightseer. Early fall, h0wever, is a sweet sp0t f0r t0urism: Summer weather lingers as the cr0wds disperse, leaving plenty 0f h0tel r00ms (and l0wer rates) up f0r grabs. Just remember t0 pack f0r chilly winds and yes, the seemingly ever-present drizzle. Below you can read Seattle events schedule (click to enlarge):

Seattle events schedule

Here are fascinating things to do in Seattle:

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