3 Most Interesting & Unique Festivals You Should Visit

If you visit some country on your holidays, then you must looking for something different that will make your trip more memorable. In some countries sometimes have interesting festivals held annually. However, not all festivals are official, some are unique, funny and tend to be strange. And this is probably going to make your holiday trip even more memorable. For example, baby jump festival, the tradition of throwing wine and so forth. For some people outside the country who do the traditions, looks and sounds strange and unique. However it turns out, for those who carry out the tradition, it is something that is sacred and important. Therefore, please read these few unique festivals.

1. El Colacho Festival, Spain

El colachoEl Colacho Festival is a routine festival held in the Castrillo de Murcia village, Burgos, Spain. This festival is quite strange, because a man with a sinister outfit, are required to jump over babies lying on a mattress. The baby must be aged 12 months or one year. Apparently, El Colacho Festival is already routinely carried out since 1620 and is always held in June. The purpose of this jump tradition, is to clean the baby from evil spirits.

The Brotherhood of Santísimo Sacramento de Minerva organizes the week-long festivities which culminate on Sunday when the Colacho jumps over the babies on the mattresses placed on the procession route traversing the town.In recent years, Pope Benedict has asked Spanish priests to distance themselves from El Colacho, and to downplay the tradition’s connection with Catholicism. The Church still teaches that it is baptism by water, not a giant leap by an airborne devil, which cleanses the soul of original sin.

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