(40+)Most Popular Things To Do In Bangkok: Must Visit Bangkok Tourism

Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destination cities, it is located near the northern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Bangkok’s sights, attractions, and city life appeal to diverse groups of tourists. Royal palaces and temples as well as museums constitute its major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping and dining experiences offer a range of choices and prices.  As the capital and the most populous city of Thailand, Bangkok offers many beauty and is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing and unique vacation, business or a romantic trip, or family as well. In Bangkok, you can find a mix of historical landmarks and captivating culture, as well as many colorful sophisticated modern buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.. Many kinds of things to do in Bangkok such as, visiting Grand Palace Bangkok tourism, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, several museums, parks and many more.

Thailand has a variety of shopping experiences from street markets to world class luxury malls. Tourists have historically always preferred markets and bazaars to the other forms of shopping. The Chatuchak weekend market is one of the largest shopping destinations in Bangkok. Water markets are gradually disappearing, but remain strong tourist attractions as many tours are offered through the canals the markets are located on. Bangkok includes over 15 world class malls situated around Bangkok, many centered around Sukhumvit Road and Ploenchit-Ratchaprasong. There are approximately 25 shopping malls, 35 lifestyle shopping centers, 40 department stores, 55 superstores, and 1,100 convenience stores around Bangkok.

Weather and best time to visit Bangkok

Like most of Thailand, Bangkok has a tropical wet and dry climate and is under the influence of the South Asian monsoon system.It experiences hot, rainy and cool seasons, although temperatures are fairly hot year-round, ranging from an average low of 22.0 °C (71.6 °F) in December to an average high of 35.4 °C (95.7 °F) in April. The rainy season begins with the arrival of the southwest monsoon around mid-May. September is the wettest month, the rainy season lasts until October, when the dry and cool northeast monsoon takes over until February. The hot season is generally dry, but also sees occasional sum The surface magnitude of Bangkok’s urban heat island has been measured at 2.5 °C (4.5 °F) during the day and 8.0 °C (14 °F) at night.

The best months to visit Bangkok are December to February, these make up the ‘cold months’ in which discovering the city by foot will not involve drowning perspiration. During the evenings at this time of year temperatures have been known to drop below 20 degrees Celsius. Bangkok’s hottest time is from March through to May, when temperatures soar as high as 40 degrees. This is when the Thai New Year, Songkran takes place and the country embarks on a three-day water fight. Even though this is Thailand’s summer, the frequent bouts of rain are a welcome relief from the sweltering heat. During the ‘Hot Season’ boat cruises, mall shopping, rooftop bars and lounging by the pool come highly recommended. The ‘Low Season’ in Bangkok occurs between May and October. Hotels and excursions can be discounted as much as half price during this period. Although it is still hot, the city is prone to bouts of rain, which are not ideal if you’ve come for a beach holiday. However, the threat of rain in Bangkok is well counteracted by the long list of indoor activities including entertainment complexes, shopping, aquariums and temples.  Typical characteristics of this monsoon include night rain, torrential 30-minute showers, with occasional clear skies and overcast days with little to no rain.

40+ most popular things to do in Bangkok Thailand

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