More Than 40 Things To Do In Phoenix: Most Popular Phoenix Attractions

When you plan your holidays, maybe you should put Phoenix in your plans. Because you can found a lot of fun things to do in Phoenix with your family, kids or maybe friends. Phoenix is one of the modest city of many cities in America. Sun in Phoenix, providing warmth that invites many visitors vacationing there. In addition, the city is surrounded by some amazing museums, stately restaurant, as well as the atmosphere of the city that provides a wide range of outdoor sports facilities. Phoenix also has large numbers of performing arts venues, zoos and a lot more attractive places. For golf lovers, Phoenix has hundreds of golf courses.

As the capital, and largest city, of the State of Arizona, Phoenix also provides public transportation throughout the metropolitan area, with its trains, buses, and a ride-share program. That should be easy to visit one place to another for backpacker. The Maricopa Association of Governments has a bicycle advisory committee working to improve conditions for bicycling on city streets and off-road paths. Bicycling Magazine ranked Phoenix the 15th most bicycle friendly city of fifty cities in the United States with a population greater than 100,000. Phoenix has Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is one of the ten busiest airports in the United States. The airport is centrally located in the metro area near several major freeway interchanges east of downtown Phoenix. The airport serves more than 100 cities with non-stop flights. So you would not worry about how to get to Phoenix.

Weather and best time to visit Phoenix

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate, typical of the Sonoran Desert in which it lies. Phoenix has extremely hot summers and warm winters. The average summer high temperatures are some of the hottest of any major city in the United States. The city averages over 330 days of sunshine, or over 90%, per year, and receives scant rainfallOn average, Phoenix has only one day per year where the temperature drops to or below freezing. Due to its climate, Phoenix and its neighbors have consistently ranked among the nation’s top destinations in the number of Five Diamond/Five Star resorts. To see some events, below you can get the schedule taken from US News Travel.

Phoenix attractions

40+ things to do in Phoenix Arizona

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