10 Weirdest Beach In The World

Usually, the beach is synonymous with beautiful scenery, sand and so on. But 10 beach below, clearly different from the other beautiful beaches, because here in addition to having the beauty and uniqueness that is really fascinating. These beaches have peculiarities and uniqueness of each, one of which is the adrenaline you. It was the beaches in the top 10 weirdest beaches in the world.

1. Maho Beach Saint Martin

Maho Beach Saint Martin

If you really want to experience the beach that could boost your adrenaline, Maho beach Saint Martin is the solution. At Maho Beach, here you can really feel the breeze aircraft being Landing and Take off. You will also listen to the sound of aircraft engines right under your head a few meters. A glimpse of hell if using a camera angle you may like to jump and touch the aircraft because it is just a few meters away from Princess Juliana International Airport.

2. Chandipur Beach, India

Chandipur Beach

Every morning, the sea water disappearing Chandipur Beach, retroactively up to 5 kilometers from the coast. This makes the visitor a chance to feel the adrenaline running in the sea with a heart was was, you explore the seabed on foot. But be careful when you have to quickly replace quickly return to the beach if you want to survive. This phenomenon occurs twice a day throughout the year!

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