The Story of Cursed Cave In England That Can Change Objects To Stone

A cave in North Yorkshire, England, made a curious travelers because it has a terrible legend. Inside the cave there are wells that supposedly cursed by the devil and can change anything that drops of water into the stone. Each year, not the least of traveler who came to North yorshire in the UK to see Mother Shipton’s Cave full of mystery. Seepage water from the cave, dripping into a well experienced there, it can change the finished stone.

Legend in ancient times, there was someone called Mother Shipton who is the daughter of a local prostitute who was born in a cave near the well. Mother Shipton is known to have a unique look like a witch, she can also make drugs from plants and wild flowers. But the existence of Mother Shipton, even make people around shudder to visit the cave with the well. As for the people around, to believe that the water in the well is efficacious and has the power to heal.

cursed cave

Then in 1538, John Leyland who was a disciple of King Henry VII came and found a trickle of water from the cave fell into the well naturally, it turns dangerous. The problem is, the water droplets from the cave has a high mineral content and is not safe for consumption. In fact there is also a mention that the well was condemned by the devil. In fact, travertine stone dripping it indeed can change the object into stone. The process is exactly the same as stone formation of stalactites and stalagmites, only with a faster time.

Because of the uniqueness, there are people or traveler who put objects such as teddy bears to cap and mask. After settling about three to five months, the objects are constantly exposed to droplets of water from the top of the cave will slowly become stone.

By the surrounding community, the object being stone was then sold to the local souvenir shop to be sold back as souvenirs. Caves and stone wells Mother Shipton is open from October 30 to October 12 each year. Every day, caves and natural wells, can be visited by the traveler at 10:00 to 17:30 local time.

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