These 10 Places Like Wonderland

Do you love watching fantasy movies? In the fantasy film, we often brought into a more beautiful life dimensions. Maybe you expect beautiful places in the movie it appears to the real world. If you do expect places like a fairy tale, it seems you have to visit these countries. Because they have a place with incredible views like in a fairy tale story. Here are 10 places in the world that is similar to a fairy tale.

1. Greenland

If at any time you can visit Greenland, then the one thing you must not forget is the camera. Because it is in Greenland scenery is amazing and you will never forget. Greenland is an island of nature that is still wild, unavailability of access roads make it difficult to be reached Greenland outside world. The most amazing thing of Greenland is the phenomenon of Aurora beautiful and hard to describe with words.

2. Sintra

Portugal is one country that is famous with football. But did you know it turns out Portugal has a very beautiful place? City of Sintra, a city that is not far from Lisbon has extraordinary beauty. Perrna palace, the Castelo dos Mouros (Castle The Mouro), and Palácio Nacional de Sintra (Sintra National Palace) are three palaces in the city which is amazing.

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