Anambas Islands: The Best Tropical Islands In Asia

Named Asia’s Best Tropical Island by, this is the marine paradise in the form of tropical islands in Asia. Anambas is a tangible county area of 46 667 km2 of tropical archipelago located in the South China Sea. Its territory includes islands that are in the forefront of the boundary of the Homeland and the outer waters traversed nearly 90% of international ships. There are 255 islands in Anambas where only 26 islands are berpenghuni.Wilayah Anambas a sea majority (97%) with seven districts spread across three major islands, namely Siantan, Palmatak and Jemaja. Anambas district capital itself is in Terempa.

Anambas also special because it has a number of lagoons or sea water lake separated from the sea. Landscapes that shape made some islands, such as Selat Rangsang Beach, Lower Island, Rongkat Island and Penjalin Island Beach has been formed by a group of islands in the middle of the sea. When the sea water was receding, the cluster of some islands will be connected by a sandbar formed a barrier between the sea water inside and outside the cluster of islands. Bottom of the lagoon in the form of white sand with a coral reef distribution in a number of points.

To reach Anambas then adjust the time and conditions because of its location somewhat away from the main islands in Indonesia, which is located in the South China Sea waters. Flight is a great option and save energy. You can fly from various major cities in Indonesia are directed to Tanjung Pinang in Bintan Island. Next proceed Nusantara Air Charter flight Flying to Matak Airport (in the District Palmatak). From Matak Airport continue on to the harbor to get to Tarempa (capital Anambas) by boat or speed boat.

Things to do in Anambas Islands

You can explore the island one by one by renting a boat or trekking on some island. Discuss with the Department of Tourism in the City Tarempa to help you visited beauty Anambas. There are various tourist destinations and maritime tourism activities that you can do in Anambas, here are some of the many choices.

Penjalin island is stunning lagoon that you can visit from Tarempa. The location is in the District Palmatak. In waters calm, decorated with scattered rocks, you can swim, snorkel, or canoeing here. Coastal beaches are so beautiful with very fine sand glistening.

Selat Rangsang islands have the charming natural landscape with lagoons and beautiful white sand. There are lush trees and palm trees decorate it. Coastal calm water is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and playing canoe.

Durai island size is not so big, but so enchanting moreover there is a turtle conservation. As the afternoon usually dozens of females landed to dig sand beach to lay eggs.

Bawah Island was once called as the best tropical islands in Asia. There was a beautiful small islands, namely: Bawah Island, Sanggah Island, Elang Island, Merba island, and Lidi island. In the middle of the islands of the lagoon tersebutlah dwell so beautiful. You can climb a hill to photograph the beauty of the lagoon.

Tanjung Momong beach, and Pasir Manang located on the Siantan island, close to Tarempa City, which offers stunning natural lasekap combines crystal clear sea water, white sand and coral reefs. Beaches surrounded by the expanse of rocks. In addition to swim, you can snorkel or just take a walk on the edge of the beach. The beach location is suitable for photography either sunrise or sunset.

On Siantan island, you can down the island to see the Vihara Gunung Dewa and Jamik majid over the age of 80 years. Forward also explore this paulau to see Niagara Temburun fascinating. Has a contour terraces as high as seven levels. This waterfall water falls directly into the sea, and when photographed from outer side of the island so stunning.

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