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Seminyak is one of Bali tourism village that is quite well known today and is the home of various types of hotels, villas, restaurants and international luxury spa. In Seminyak, you can also easily find boutiques and upscale shopping center in Bali. During the day, the beaches of Seminyak area is very quiet and comfortable. Of course it is very suitable for tourists who want peace and tranquility from the bustle of the daily grind to just let go of tired. Seminyak is located southwest coastal area of the island of Bali, most of the coastal areas southwest of the island of Bali has not contained the highway large enough to accommodate the amount of traffic congestion every day. Almost every day, especially in the afternoons and evenings, congestion is inevitable in the Seminyak area.

Located approximately 10 km from the city of Denpasar, towards Seminyak can be reached less than 20 minutes drive away. If you want along Kuta or Legian toward the North, Seminyak Beach can be reached approximately 20-45 minutes walk along the shoreline. Using the taxi from the airport, Kuta or Legian can be the choice of transportation to and from Seminyak. If you are familiar with the roads in Seminyak, it is advisable to rent a motorcycle, which is widely available at Kayu Aya roadside. motorcycle rental prices range from Rp 50,000 – Rp 75,000 per unit (less than 10 dollars). Taxis are widely available in the Seminyak area, only if you use a taxi, will often stuck in traffic which will affect the cost of your taxi.

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Things to do

Seminyak Beach is one of the more lively discussion and become a favorite tourist destination in Bali. Being in the administrative area of Badung regency, South Bali. Being on the same coastline in Kuta and Legian, the beach is certainly no less beautiful than both. Located in the north of Kuta and Legian, Seminyak Beach relatively empty. Nevertheless, or maybe because of it, this beach offers a different atmosphere. Arguably more private beaches, considering the atmosphere quieter, plus there are many luxury hotels to enjoy the charm of Seminyak.

A lot of excitement and activities can be done while visiting Seminyak Beach. As the beach has a panoramic sun sank pretty, Seminyak invite many tourists when dusk. On the shoreline, were lined umbrellas are reserved for hotel guests in the vicinity. When evening came, Seminyak offers views of Sunset skyline. Besides the beauty of the sinking sun, this beautiful beach also offers a variety of fun activities to do with family, couples or even friends. You are safe to swim in its beaches. After swimming you can comfortably sunbathe. There are umbrellas and chairs on the beach to protect you from exposure to direct sunlight, usually reserved for hotel guests.

Double Six beach (66 beach) a little quieter, the feel of exotic Kuta Beach a few years ago. Long before abrasion erode the coast, long before the concept of mass tourism into the island daily. Towards dusk, the area was just being started life which will culminate at midnight. When the number of cafes and discotheques begin to open, giving choice to relax while enjoying the twilight compelling.

To reach 66 in Seminyak beach is not too difficult. If you are in the area of Kuta, Legian Kaja take the road to Jalan Seminyak along approximately 2 kilometers. Until a fork in a large, navigate the vehicle to the left about 200 meters. Right in front of the T-junction there are directions to the beach 66. So, you came to a place that serves exotic Kuta Beach a few years ago.

In Seminyak, tourists can also indulge themselves, to try the SPA and massage class. By using Traditional Balinese Massage, makes a lot of places in Seminyak SPA hunted by tourists, both local and foreign tourists. There are several SPA who have been awarded, including the SPA Bali Seminyak, Prana SPA, Jari Menari, and The Private Spa Wellness Center.

For tourists who love to shop, Seminyak is the perfect place to shop. Boutiques in the tourist area of Seminyak, sells clothes designed by famous designers from some. Travelers can find in Seminyak Square, located on Jl. Kayu Aya. Seminyak Square is a shopping center in Seminyak. Travelers can easily find several fashion outlets in this place.

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